Museum and Artifact Fumigation Services

Magic Fumigation has offered the most advanced techniques whether it is a small container or an entire building. Trained, certified and licensed fumigation personnel are equipped with the latest technology in fumigation monitoring designed to protect products in storage, exhibits or shipments. The Museum and Artifact Division is experienced in wood and fabric artwork, household rugs, oriental rugs, wood furniture and historical wood artifacts.

Should I Worry that a Fumigation Service May Harm My Museum Artifacts?

Galleries are prone to develop and transfer infestations as they contain objects borrowed from outside the facility, have heavy foot traffic and dark areas that encourage pests' harborage, and store undisturbed materials for a long period of time. Personal collections are highly susceptible because they are not scrutinized as thoroughly as museum objects when entering a new building.

How does Magic Fumigation Museum and Artifact Division tackle pests?

Identification is the first step followed by a survey of the collection to prevent entry and distinguish problem areas. Different management components may be selected depending upon the problems encountered the use of a room, pests involved, or administrative constraints.

Magic Fumigation will inspect the building at least once a month and the collection once a month for the first six months. Both are monitored using several methods: Traps for continuous monitoring; Record keeping that allows a program to be modified as needed, to identify occurrences and devotes attention to specific areas; Comparisons and tracking determines what is going on, how effective controls are, and what needs to be modified; Floor plans and diagrams keeps track of each trap to see what has been moved or destroyed.

Magic Fumigation offers treatment strategies in addition to traditional pesticide sprays and fumigation. Some methods, such as freezing, are not suited for certain composites, painted objects, and objects under tension (i.e. rare books) but may be ideal for a single material in good condition.